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 Flick Kick Football Kickoff

Flick Kick Football Kickoff - show their skills in a shot on goal in soccer. Try to outwit the goalie and circle all the defenders that cover you for impact direction. In the game we have to play for one of the two countries: America, or the UK. Try to score as many goals to his opponent that he could ever leave that line against which you confront.

 Casino Spin - Wheel Slots

Casino Spin - Wheel Slots - Spin the wheel and see if it's your lucky day, in the new Vegas-style games, Casino Wheels! This is the only game where you can control the speed of the wheel, running a finger over it.

 The Spookening v.1.2

The Spookening - imposed on us old curse: when the night comes, we suddenly turn into a ghost. To remove the spell of magic, you need to gather up a certain amount of particles of lives of the people we'll scare. Demons, ghosts, and other characters will be commonplace.

 Kingdoms & Lords v.1.4.6 Game Kingdoms Lords combines just two gaming genre and having a gripping storyline and interesting gameplay. The player assumes the role of king of a small country, with the task of building an army and control hater of all things - the Dark King.
 Hatchi v.2.70 Hatchi - virtual pet in a retro style, also known as Tamagotchi needs you!
 BattleFriends at Sea v.1.1.0

BattleFriends at Sea - invite your friends to fight in a sea battle online! Play with your friends from Facebook or challenge a random opponent and destroy it.

 Akinator the Genie v.2.0.2

Akinator the Genie - Akinator ... genie back! Akinator can read your mind and guess the hidden character you just asking you a few questions. Conceived real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess.

 The Gentleman v.1.0.0

The Gentleman - this is no ordinary gentleman, gentleman quite obsessed with finding his monocle. Not any monocle fit, odnako.V traveling gentleman should collect as many monocles as possible, because the more monocles he finds, the more likely that one of them is it, do not you?

 Droid Pet Widget Droid Pet Widget - Tamagotchi pet type on your desktop. Tamagotchi - a Japanese game in which you need to have a virtual pet, and for which it is necessary to maintain.
 Spirits Spirits - addictive puzzle game will develop you thinking. The game features unique gameplay, interesting control and many interesting levels. You have to bring the spirit of the goal ...

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