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 Mummy Runner Mummy Runner - arcade, heartbreaking events that develops somewhere in Egypt. Archaeologists dug-Satanists another tomb found there, among other things, the mummy of strange creatures, it reminds Bun feet. Less than 5 minutes after disturbed sleep bandaged ball as he opened his eyes and began to chase intruders.
 Temple Dash Temple Dash - an exciting horizontal runner about fleeing from the brutal death of adventure. Overcoming obstacles and accurately calculates the jump point, because every fraction of a second counts. Beware of wild boars, and failures of boiling lava. Beautiful graphics and very complex, unforgiving gameplay appeal to all fans of the genre.
 Bungee Mummy Bungee Mummy - adventure puzzle game in which you play as a jumping mummy suspiciously similar to domestic Bun. And by whom it was - is unknown, but the wise Egyptians thought it was worthy of being the afterlife. And now waking up, our spherical main character has a long way to get out of the catacombs and achieve your goals.

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