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Mutation MashMutation Mash - funny and quite playful game from the creators of Hopeless and other exciting projects. However only in the initial stages. Despite the impressive list of positive projects that are classic donatnaya system was implemented - if you want to play and not wait for each level of a few hours, please to the store.
Slash MobsSlash Mobs - another clicker offering players who decided to once again experience the incredible feeling as stiff fingers and eye fatigue, go on a dangerous journey in order to save the fantasy world of huge mutants. Neither demons nor vile villains, or even ancient undead now do not care about public opinion, but the giant monster - a real threat.
MutagiousMutagious - MMORPG, which, as the creators say, a new generation of the genre. Unfortunately it will be able to find out only ardent fans of such projects that can immediately locate and identify the distinctive features. Nice graphics seriously load the mobile device hardware and to play without the Frisians have to get a powerful machine.
Doomsday ClickerDoomsday Clicker - one of those "simulators tapa" in which he played at least for a while just because of the fact that the game has a very reasonable story, an interesting idea and a good share of humor. And as the nice graphics, music, and do not tense up all the things that are often not in a draft statement as a much more steep and spectacular.
BioBeastsBioBeasts - action, its nice not hackneyed gameplay mechanics, good graphics and system development of the protagonist. The project is reminiscent of the process of the old Soviet game about wolves from the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!", But with blood, cruelty and thirst for freedom became a disgusting mutant creatures. Show your enemies what they are really mistaken in their deeds.
Mad Bunny 2: ApocalypseMad Bunny 2: Apocalypse - a direct continuation and at the same time an improved version of unpretentious action has become very popular. Time has passed since the first part quite a bit, but the world around the small village changed dramatically and more like a battlefield. But earlier it was just a warm-up, and now comes the really hard times.
It`s Time to DieIt`s Time to Die -8-bit action game where gamers will be reincarnated in a green and very evil mutant zombies. The unusual choice of party to which belongs the protagonist, old-school style of graphics and gameplay does not strain allows completely will plunge into the game and enjoy the hunt for people with normal skin color.
 Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure - a new adventure RPG about the little people surrounded by gigantic problems. This universe is like a normal world, but with a high degree of techno-fantasy. Beautiful 3D graphics allow fully enjoy the process and thought-out and extensive role-playing component will delight all fans of this genre.
 Cow Evolution Selection (lat. Selectio - select) - the science of creating new techniques and improving existing breeds. This we are going to crazy fun, wildly absurd and incredibly addictive Cow Evolution. On assurances of developers in the development of the game does not hurt either one cow, and we hope so.
 BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF - new rail shooter from the company SNK famous for its old-school remakes of masterpieces and projects stylized golden era igrodelov. And this time, you will plunge into a dark and gloomy world of the future, which is a constant struggle for survival against the ruthless mutant.

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