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Little BigfootLittle Bigfoot - shooter with beautiful graphics and interesting idea. The main character is small and cute Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman in other latitudes. It turns out they were and are, and become a huge short-term and in the case of any risk to their health. And since they prefer a very discreet way of life.
Super Spartan Fury WorldSuper Spartan Fury World - classic platformer with colorful graphics and characters to draw in cartoon style. Standard, but addictive gameplay overshadowed by the need to be permanently connected to the Internet and as a consequence of the large number of advertising getting out every time a load. To play or not to play in such conditions - the choice for gamers.
Legend of Midgard Midgard - the legendary world of Scandinavian myths to be in incredible danger. Dark forces began to execute his evil plan to approximate start date of Ragnarok, the end of the world. And the first step was the arrival in the region forever green herb ice dragon and following on its heels winter. Here and there begin to open portals.
ENYO Arnold Rauers - creators of the pretty and interesting card game Card Crawl brought to our attention a new project in the genre of turn-based strategy called ENYO. Unarmed Greek goddess of war goes on a journey through the most dangerous land inhabited by hideous monsters and creatures of ancient myths.
Song of PanSong of Pan - chic adventure project with excellent 2D graphics with classic platforming gameplay mechanics and a lot of levels. We will become more completely a young god Pan and will have to perform one important task entrusted to us by Zeus. Successfully completing it we will be able to prove their devotion and loyalty to the inhabitants of Olympus.
Wonder WayWonder Way - a new exciting project in the genre of Action-unpretentious quest from the creators of the popular adventure game Ghost Town Adventures. As before, the developers did their best, and in front of us is very beautiful, exciting journey through the magical world of flavored high-quality storyline.
AstraAstra - a nice-looking arcade game with all the familiar gameplay mechanics, repeatedly used in all projects where there is a so-called cosmophysics. Designed in the style of ancient Greek myths brings its share of originality in the visual range. This, in general, all the differences and come to an end. The fans like it, all the rest is not necessary to focus on.
Spartania: The Spartan WarSpartania: The Spartan War - a common strategy with the standard gameplay mechanics designed for network battles between players in order to select resources. Due to the fact that their own accumulate enough, you can just enjoying phenomenal patience or be prone syndrome Donat. Fans of the genre will be happy, everyone else pass.
Sisyphus JobSisyphus Job - 2D adventure runner created surroundings and scenery of ancient Greek myths. Nice graphics and overestimated complexity allows you to simply relax and enjoy the process. The only drawback at first gives the management, but understand that to what and be accustomed, you will easily overcome any obstacles.
 12 Labours of Hercules 12 Labours of Hercules - time manager made ​​in the scenery of ancient Greece. Take on the role of Hercules - the son of Zeus and the famous hero. 40 levels and 20 achievements, beautiful graphics and loved by many gameplay certainly will appeal to many fans of unpretentious games. And the aura of myths and legends will delight lovers of history.

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