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Ookujira - Giant Whale RampageOokujira - Giant Whale Rampage - a very beautiful arcade game of survival with nice graphics and fun gameplay. Players will battle with the evil aliens who arrived on the planet with the aim of capturing it. Mankind can not do anything to oppose the enemies of nature and therefore takes everything into their "hands", or rather fins.
LightLight! - Casual chic design taking the mechanics of standard hardcore arcade games, but makes it so easy and fun, just get pleasure from the gameplay spiced wonderful soundtrack. Creation and beautiful graphics makes the Light! required for the inspection and passage.
Protect The TreeProtect The Tree - a very beautiful and original strategy in the style of "Tower Defense" with very nice graphics and voice acting sweetly. The project is certainly created by talented and able to present conventional process with a completely different perspective. Unusual visual style places high complexity and other features just require all save a tree.
Eco BirdsEco Birds - excellent in all respects with the hardcore arcade geymleya, mechanics who built all the well-known principle. In addition to the beautiful graphics of shape and dynamic of the game bears a clear promise that humanity finally fuck up the planet, and even so, virtually, to return to her previous form and to save nature from destruction.
Fishing TownFishing Town - exciting project created by request of the Indonesian branch of the World Wildlife Fund to draw attention to its preservation in its original form. Beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay, interesting story history, development of everything, and the overall creative effect to cope with the task.

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