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MaskyMasky - elegant in its originality and stunning in graphic style arcade game, which is sure to be remembered by all, without exception, even if you do not have to like their gameplay mechanics. Wear masks, dance, have fun, meet and try to stay on his feet in this shaky stage.
Doofus DropDoofus Drop - at the edge of a dull, stupid, crazy game, which at the same time, suspiciously exciting and fascinating. Once started, you can not stop wanting to know how far you will take (or rather, slide down) using the main character, as a sports projectile nucleus. A variety of improvements to help you in this.
Afterland "Fantastically beautiful" and it's very, very mildly. The visual style of collectible card game Afterland not just impressive, it is fascinating. The talent of the creators is visible in every detail, and I think it will take its deserved place among the best projects for mobile platforms (and not only). Each is simply obliged to go on the road.

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