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 Angry Monkey Angry Monkey - funny arcade about the hungry monkey. You will not give a monkey eating a banana. Once you grab a banana monkey will run after him until he grasps it, and then you lose.

EpicMan - manage your hero-loser, falling from a cliff. Fall on the birds and the paratroopers that would slow down, but the rocks and flies helicopters.

 Hit the Drums

Hit the Drums - musical arcade game very similar to Guitar Hero just drums and guitar.

 Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid - a very unusual puzzle game combines RPG elements, and connection objects.

 Ice Penguin 3D

Ice Penguin 3D - The basis of this game is a sports game Cricket. But unlike the original player starts on the ice and the Penguins are not stones.

 Fool + This collection consists of two card games: A fool and Spider.

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