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Creed Pirates Racing: SandstormCreed Pirates Racing: Sandstorm - one of those games where the developers are absolutely beautiful and dishonestly used qualitatively processed in the editor screenshots and images on a page in the store. In fact, it turns out that they have no relation to the downloadable game and intended only to increase the number of downloads from unsuspecting gamers.
Sky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3DSky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3D was created under the impressions of the MMORPG Sky2Fly in steampunk style, which, of course, affected the gameplay of the game. Gamers will try yourself in the role of couriers delivering a variety of goods on the island floating in the sky. The value of such workers is that they do not ask about the contents of parcels and the possible risks.
Mikas Treasure 2Mika's Treasure 2 - an exciting adventure game with beautiful graphics and gameplay mechanics resembling cult Tiny Thief. But our protagonist does not lag behind the best in this genre, and occasionally give odds. He did not not stop at nothing to get what they want the treasure and the future of the world it does not matter where on the horizon gold.
Zombies vs PiratesZombies vs Pirates - unpretentious arcade game all about the same zombies, but now we have the opportunity to visit their shoes and personally bring the horror of driving a huge horde of frightened men against cadavers. Gameplay simple yet very addictive good, which makes the game ideal option to spend your free time.
High Sea SagaHigh Sea Saga - a new project from the studio creating simulations of unusual activities while skillfully stylizing them under the old-school Asian Games. At this time, we have to try himself as a pirate of the sea (well, not exactly this), and will direct the rustle of all the surrounding water and beaches. Well, first you need to find a suitable ship.
Pirate Power Events Pirate Power develops in a fantasy world, where the land is very small and more dominated by expanses of water. Understandably, such features have served as a serious impetus for the development of navigation and all that is connected with it. That's our character does not become a land rat and moved to the sailors on the marque, and then pulls ahead.
Clicker PiratesClicker Pirates - straight from the tin simulator tapa, which tell us about the hardships of professional sailor living in a fantasy universe. Here, even in the most recent pool hobnob hideous monster who considers himself bound to a huge sea monster devouring everything that moves on the surface of the water, whether it be a log or a pirate ship with crew on board the thugs.
Sandstorm Pirate WarsSandstorm Pirate Wars - Adventure project from Ubisoft wing engaged in games for mobile platforms. Nice graphics, an original story and the universe, a great variety in the gameplay, and of course his majesty Donat await all brave captains pirates of a new era. Surf, take on board the ship and do not let the descent rivals.
King Of The SeaKing Of The Sea - adventure project with pixel graphics and about pirates, sea battles, a bottle with a note gull (# $% ^^ poultry !!!) and other attributes of the genre. Stunning layout. That's only here it's all going to happen somewhere nearby, but certainly not with the players. The only intrigue here is - will fall or not.
The Pirate: Caribbean HuntThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt offers us to become a true captain of the warship heyday of piracy in the Caribbean. Superb graphics and detail make it possible to walk on the deck and notice minute details or to inspect the district with bird's-eye view. Convenient control and rate selection help "feel" the ship.

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