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 One touch Drawing One touch Drawing - is a puzzle where you have to draw the proposed figure, not lifting your finger from the screen. The difficulty is that one can not draw the same line twice figures, except in special segments that must be drawn twice. Also in the game there are special sections with the specified direction, ie Draw they must be at one end, in addition there is a "point teleports", with the passage of which, drawing continues with another "point teleport."
 Drag the Rope

Drag the Rope - This easy puzzle game will captivate you for hours, during which your brain will have to work hard. At the core of the game went to the classic puzzle game "connect the dots", however, have to connect the wooden stakes with ordinary rope. As a result, the gameplay got some additions that will please you. A simple and colorful graphics certainly will like the majority of players. Try it and you solve all 360 levels!

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