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Mad Gardener: Zombie DefenseMad Gardener: Zombie Defense - cute and sometimes quite difficult shooter where gamers will try to stop the destruction of the walking dead on his farm, and incidentally prevent zombiapokalipsis. Well this is how to get the main house, the house and the house again. If anything, the rest of the world itself will survive the next end of the world.
Bad Roads 2Bad Roads 2 - 2D racing with nice graphics contour of Laurent Bakowski. This developer a series of games where gamers have to control the truck on a very bumpy road, and that strip of land, which is so called simply. Here and there the driver necessary to deliver a valuable cargo, and while it does not lose on the road.
War GroupsWar Groups - a strategy which events are developing in the universe of the cult game STALKER based in turn on at least the cult science fiction novel. This project allows you to look at the lives of people living area with the point of view of the leader of one of the groups that wants to bring it to the status of better.
Day R SurvivalDay R Survival - a rare representative of the really interesting, exciting and intelligent simulation of survival, and more, and from domestic developers. Minimalistic design will scare away many gamers prefer the tropical islands and the "magic" craft items. But true fans of hardcore and realistic rejoice heartily.
Fallout Shelter Fallout series needs no introduction, the fact of having millions of fans, fans and other lovers (the author included) around the world speaks for itself. And of course, the trend transfer universe to mobile devices, and it is not passed. Bethesda offers to our attention simulator underground shelter called Fallout Shelter.
 IZANAGI The plot MMORPG IZANAGI tell about the world of the future. Post-apocalyptic Japan is suffering under the yoke of the various monsters that until recently were regarded as fairy-tale characters. The reality was much worse - the city turned into ruins, a few residents cooped up behind walls and fortifications neosamurai - the last defender of the Earth.
 WAR ZONE: WORLD OF RIVALS WAR ZONE: WORLD OF RIVALS - another representative online-RTS in the gloomy scenery postapokalipsisa near future. Traditional gameplay mechanics for such projects has undergone no changes completely. Unique and very noticeable difference - it is very beautiful cinematic 3D graphics. The game is sure to appeal to all fans of the genre.
 Linkin Park Recharge Linkin Park Recharge - both action with isometric camera in the post-apocalyptic themes and advertising project released in anticipation of the release of the new album. Eminent musical group in the title game and a fascinating story story will attract not only fans of alternative rockers, but also ordinary gamers.
 Trials Frontier Trials Frontier - it's incredibly popular game about racing on one of the branches of the famous Ubisoft. Mechanics and gameplay of the project copied or adopted many other developers. Such as two drops of water on it like Bike Mayhem and Bike Rivals. The fact that these races is much better in quality can be seen at a glance.
 Scorched - Combat Racing Scorched - Combat Racing - is an arcade racing in the post-apocalyptic world, filled with malice and cruelty, where the main attraction and the meaning of life were the rounds on dangerous routes in the desolate desert, under the merciless rays of the sun, against rivals ready to do anything for the prize. Well, give them anything and then maybe you will become a champion.

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