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Madnessteer LiveMadnessteer Live - chic arcade racing with an isometric camera, beautiful graphics and an incredibly dynamic gameplay. The game has won the prize, and deservedly so, as well as a lot of popularity among the fans a little crazy funny projects. Get behind the wheel of unusual cars and arrange an incredible chase with the police.
SUV 4x4 Rally DrivingSUV 4x4 Rally Driving - racing project in which gamers will have to overcome on the way to the finish line a variety of difficulties and obstacles. Off-road, dirt, mud, pits and other unpleasant features of the terrain will be the main challenges for even the most experienced drivers. But we will have a variety of all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles, and this is a plus.
FRZ RacingFRZ Racing - an exciting arcade racing in which we are invited to participate in a complex and exhausting rally races. The game is a wonderful cartoon graphics, a camera from above, a variety of race cars and management just two buttons. And more than 500 trails allows a very long time to go before the end of the project. The path to the top will be long.
Stunt Car Challenge 3Stunt Car Challenge 3 - arcade racing where players will need to overcome various obstacles. Nice 3D graphics and physics engine tolerable please all lovers chetyrehkolёsnogo transport. And for fans of serious test developers laid up a great number of complex tasks to perform.
 Daytona Rush

Daytona Rush - endless runner in the form of circuit racing. Gamers do not give relax for a second did not necessarily have to like. Very nice graphics, constant drive, the roar of engines, tens and hundreds of cars on the road, various missions and tasks, amazing race cars, the possibility of improvement and much more awaits you here.

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