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War GroupsWar Groups - a strategy which events are developing in the universe of the cult game STALKER based in turn on at least the cult science fiction novel. This project allows you to look at the lives of people living area with the point of view of the leader of one of the groups that wants to bring it to the status of better.
FallAlypseFallAlypse - step by step bagel about the apocalypse. At this time we are waiting for such a classic end of the world with nuclear explosions, mutants and other attributes such projects be inspired by the iconic games of the past years. Try to survive at least a couple of weeks in a radiation hell to adapt and become a citizen of the new world.
First StrikeFirst Strike - «merry" very "merry" global strategy that will show us how easily and quickly a huge planet, inhabited by a bunch of humane-minded people, can turn into a radioactive desert only by the fact that someone wants to be the most important in this world. This version is a free demo, designed to demonstrate all the charm of the game.

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