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Rail NationRail Nation is very much like full-fledged strategy of previous years, but with the standard modern changes in the form of Donata and other features belonging to a mobile platform. The game is ideal for those who do not can not live a second without taking important decisions and suspended railway fans.
 Hugo Troll Race Hugo Troll Race - the return of the legendary troll on the screens of your mobile devices. In the Russian localization of the main character got more familiar name - Kuzma. Incredibly popular character known around the world, instantly captured the hearts of young gamers. At the dawn of geymdeva games with his participation shocked everyone with its 3D graphics and fun gameplay.
 Chuggington: Ready to build Join the team trains (more precisely, locomotives) in an exciting game Chuggington: Ready to build, set up for children of preschool age (probably only 5% Download this app will fit the standard age :)). Beautiful graphics, original, almost like living characters, a variety of tasks and the ability to create their own city like everything from small to large.

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