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Tap SmithsTap Smiths - one more project from innumerable cohort clickers and it's no surprise - the presence of imitation of old-school arcade games from "platformers times." Infinite Tapani here is not the main thing here to make as much action in a short period of time. A variety of missions and tasks seriously diversify the process.
Mine WorldMine World - perfect for all fans of the Cubo-pixel games, cooperative transmission, resource extraction and other joys of projects in which you spend a lot of time to find a single valuable item and by this to be very joyful. Well, for those who have developed the syndrome Donati, without much pokapatsya not here.
Floating Islands Crasher Heroes Floating Islands Crasher came from afar in search of a new home, able to shelter them from the terrible disaster raging in space. Little planet rich in resources, fully satisfy their needs and after years became the home. But over time, they have exhausted its possibilities and the question "what do you do next?"
Spacelike InfinitySpacelike Infinity - quite trivial arcade space tends to look full kosmosima. The game has nice graphics, quite inconvenient administration and the ability to upgrade your ship deep. Project like this except that fans travel the universe and desperate travelers.
RatsRats and Rats - an exciting adventure game where the gameplay focuses on "trips to visit" in order to profit stranger acquired good. The project has beautiful graphics, nice animation, original concept and characters, and hilarious storyline. A PvP mode will fully appreciate the beauty of this strategy.
 Oil Freshly bought the garden brings a threat not only in the form of digging potatoes and seed cultures, but also digging a vital deep pit, which will put a small house with a hole cut in the heart of the door. But what is it ?! Literally in vgryzaniya meter into the soil was discovered oil field.

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