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Drifty ChaseDrifty Chase - chic arcade racing with a simple, yet beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay and easy control in a single tap. One movement hides a whole range of exciting events and activities. Any player with joy "zalipnet" and spend all my free time to break away from police harassment.
Drone Dash DeliveryDrone Dash Delivery - original project with Cubo-pixel graphics in which we operate drone quadrocopter and interfere in the lives of citizens of the coastal town located in tropical regions. Suffice it to practice to get used to the control and you are ready to perform a variety of tasks colliding people.
Whack the Burglars - RobbersWhack the Burglars - Robbers - a direct continuation of the game Whack Your Neighbour. Once the harmful and not very clever neighbor was over once and for all, and remains, the traces and evidence destroyed, the main character and his dog decided to rest from daily cares and lay down to take a nap. So quietly crept up the night, and with it the gang of robbers.
Cartel KingsCartel Kings - a great game in the genre of action about the life of a small town where there are several syndicates. Gamers have to start from the bottom up to the top of the criminal world and lead one of the most powerful cartels. But first you need to get dressed, and then respected person not presented itself to walk around in shorts.
 Daddy Was A Thief
Pink slip radically changed the life of the protagonist. The need to provide for his family pushes him to the criminal path. Memorize "Robbery for Dummies" he raided the largest bank. Inexperience, lack of experience and a new alarm system quickly determined the nature of what is happening. And now dad lam.

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