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Nonstop WarriorNonstop Warrior - classic runner without endless mode and with some unusual finds in the gameplay. Seriously it's the gameplay is not affected, but the bit of originality in crocked obscene genre still brings. A beautiful graphics adds a positive impression of the game.
Sorry MomSorry Mom - addictive arcade game with a voxel graphics, which easily become a favorite leisure time killer. We need to help young people avoid the sad fate of the part of his mother's punishment, and it does not try to suffer from a collision with a large moving machinery. But it will be possible to see the world.
Smile Inc.Smile Inc. - addictive arcade game with excellent graphics in a minimalist style, unobtrusive soundtrack and really addictive gameplay. By tradition, we need simply to survive, trying to hold out for the whole state, as long as possible. And it is not very easy to view what's going on round the nightmare.
Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials - is as strange sounds, the second part of the official game of the second part of the Hollywood film of the same name. The Heroes will again run a lot - from their pursuers, mutants, deadly natural phenomena, and just to be on time. Beautiful graphics and gameplay itself remained in their old places.
QuickboyQuickboy - quite an original project in the setting zombiapokalipsisa, has beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and storyline. Dozens of levels in the vast and gloomy world after the end of the world, the effect of competition, a variety of bonuses, seriously affecting the complexity of the transmission and other features will delight connoisseurs of high-quality games.
Fast like a FoxFast like a Fox - an excellent runner 2D full of exciting adventures. And the original management adds spice to an already interesting gameplay. Tapping on the back cover creates a minimum fluctuation of the device, and with it the accelerometer. And the more players roll the fingers the faster running our protagonist.
 Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) Spider-Man Unlimited (Ultimate Spider-Man) - help Spider-Man to save our world from the sinister six. Legendary villains want to destroy our universe. Fight with the wicked, and do not let them bring the twins through the portals. Encourage heroes spiders from other dimensions. Assemble a team of heroes from different spiders, each of them has unique abilities. Swing on the web, climb walls, jump across rooftops and run through the streets of New York.
 Greedy Dwarf

Greedy Dwarf Free - You will play a very greedy gnome. Our hero is a very risky prospector - he easily stole gold from the Cyclops, snatched a gold tooth in Cthulhu, and it all a little. In search of treasure he would try to steal a chest full of gold from the dragon.

 Smash Hit

Smash Hit - great arcade game for those who want to relax! Metal balls shoot down everything in its path, paving his way to another dimension.

 The Great Martian War

The Great Martian War - runner in which you are a fearless scout in 1913, which is necessary to save the Earth from invading Martians! Try the huge battlefields, where you have to avoid hidden mines, thunderous artillery strikes, massive tanks and towering Martian war machines!

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