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 Ninja Revenge Ninja Revenge - game that is worth to taste. Playing for the ninja you have to take revenge on the killers took the life of his wife honest samurai. Villains dare take away the most expensive. Now they will have to pay with their blood.

ILLUSIA 2 - Developers ZENONIA series are pleased to present the second part of the new casual side-scroller in the genre of Action / RPG, containing all the essential elements of traditional role-playing games, packed in a gorgeous anime-style graphics.


Reaper - you enter a world of magic and monsters begin your exciting journey! Become a black swordsman and kill thousands of enemies in the epic action RPG! Once all the enemies with your sword, go through a lot of quests and pump his hero.

 Siegecraft Siegecraft - stunning three-dimensional strategy for Android is based on physics. Famously created levels, three completely unique races, for which you can play. Choose who you will be - Viking, a knight or a samurai. For each race its scenery, the company and weapons.
 Mr. Slash

Mr.Slash - we run a samurai and moisten enemies. Valiant and brave samurai must defend your village from the evil witch who wants to steal an ancient ruby ​​and we have to stop it. Toy replete with colorful moments, super attacks and bonuses.

 SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE - you play as a samurai and defend his village from hordes of zombies. Defend it you are not alone, you will be helping the villagers and the samurai. To destroy the zombies give you a sword, bow, and even magic. The game has good graphics with high-quality voice acting and a sea of ​​blood!
 Samurai II: Vengeance

Samurai II: Vengeance - a player who will control the main character has to find and kill the enemy Orochi. In this game, collected the best of games for android: graphics, puzzles, easy and convenient operation and a terrific story.

 Ninja Hoodie

Ninja Hoodie - action game, with a stylized three-dimensional 3D graphics and intense battles fast using shuriken, small action that will keep you in suspense for hours.

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