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Oh Sheep - Clicker GameOh Sheep - Clicker Game -! Clicker creators of which have simply copied Egg inc. turning the original on the track "production" of other living creatures. If someone liked the original project, Oh Sheep also have liked. Both games are alike as two drops of water, but equally fascinating and exciting.
Divide By SheepDivide By Sheep - addictive and hilarious puzzle game full of black humor. Superb graphics, endearing character animation, dozens of levels with gradually increasing complexity and an unusual idea to make this game very, very interesting project among their own kind. Learn how to quickly and properly considered the main sheep.
Clouds & Sheep 2Clouds Sheep 2 - continuation of the extremely popular game about clouds and sheep. It would seem here with the first and second but a distant resemblance, but no everything is much, much more serious. And one without the other can not exist and is vital to constantly cultivate the clouds over a pasture where grazing our protagonists.
Crazy Sheep Adventures Game Crazy Sheep Adventures should not, simply must get a prize as the most not pretentious platformer that but like everything. A simple animation of the main character, is not straining the gameplay and a lot of levels with ease absorb your free time, after the passage neither leaving nor any memories.

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