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Fluffy JumpFluffy Jump - a new and exciting arcade game from Noodlecake Studios, creators of the Alto's Adventure and heaps of other exciting games. By tradition, we will see the beautiful graphics, simple and addictive gameplay, as well as a large variety of living creatures, which you can play (as there are kinds of secret among them).
There You GoThere You Go - simply gorgeous hardcore puzzle game that is very dry brains to all who relaxed splitting last "quests" in quotation marks, as nuts. Simple blissfully original graphics and its use, dozens of puzzles and locations please all who miss the really interesting projects.
Grass CutterGrass Cutter - a new word in the direction of development of games, one of whose founders was Crossy Road. The same camera angle, the same Cubo-pixel graphics, the same simple, but fascinating and sometimes difficult to pass the gameplay. For connoisseurs lung unpretentious and fun, this project will approach after all better. Getting Started.
Bubble Man: RollingBubble Man: Rolling - unpretentious arcade game with popular mechanics of gameplay, nice graphics and straightforward storyline. We need an unusual type of driving characters (many of which are easily recognized) to overcome the greatest possible distance, and reaching record to receive for an opportunity to open a new person in place of the previous avatar.
Crazy Sheep Adventures Game Crazy Sheep Adventures should not, simply must get a prize as the most not pretentious platformer that but like everything. A simple animation of the main character, is not straining the gameplay and a lot of levels with ease absorb your free time, after the passage neither leaving nor any memories.

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