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Angelo - Skate AwayAngelo - Skate Away - a new adventure restless hero of one of the popular animated series. Safely understood with a bunch of cases and problems in the game Angelo Rules, the character went with his friends to ride on city streets sketbordah. Various prepyatsviya absolutely no obstacle to them and they are ready to show all their skills.
Infinite SkaterInfinite Skater - a game that seems According to the authors, should become a sort of revelation for all who in any way familiar with the genre Rahner. Instead of adding new pieces and ideas in gameplay, as do all the others, they decided to focus on a visual and musical component and make the entire process as a way of self-knowledge.
Skater Boy LegendSkater Boy Legend - is another simple but at the same time a fascinating toy. The protagonist is a young guy skeytbodist who went to ride through the streets of his native city. The project is very nice graphics and easy operation allows just two buttons to overcome obstacles and perform tricks using simple board and counter objects.
Star Skater What Halfbrick Studios knows best, so it is not fancy, but very exciting arcade with "cubic" graphics. Meet Star Skater - runner that combines all the positive elements branded chips and simply addictive gameplay fanatically enthusiastic about characters sketbordingom.
 Real Skate Real Skate - Skateboard simulator is more than skeytbodista. Management and swipe tapami allows intuitively perform various tricks and maneuvers, but the slightest accidental touch frustrate well-thought-out series and then have to start all over again. So, the game will require you to be patient and trained fingers.
 Skate Lines Discover the world of skateboarding and reach the top skill in the game Skate Lines. Follow ollie, flip, grind, slides, menualy and other tricks in the style of Street. Simple but beautiful graphics, well-chosen sayndtrek and easy control to help immerse yourself in gameplay and fully enjoy it. Become the best skater of all.

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