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Skeleton AttackSkeleton Attack - fascinating toy with beautiful graphics in which we will not rest for a second. The slightest delay will be for us the last, and will send a restart. In order to get any meaningful result will have to show all their skill and speed of reaction. And the ability not to be confused in their own fingers.
 Skullduggery! Skullduggery! - Excellent arcade full of black humor afterlife. Healthy irony of the impermanence of life, beautiful graphics, many levels and the most charming protagonist awaits any who do not pay taxes. And it is not earthly institutions of this hide even in the next world is impossible. Collectors ANS go hunting.
 The Lost Hero The Lost Hero - an excellent «Hack and slash» with hardcore gameplay, RPG component and a small hurricane pumping hero. Within a few minutes you can easily develop a character in a tough war and a powerful magician. Or create universal soldier. But this does not mean that you will live a long time against numerous attacks.
 Zombie escape house Zombie escape house - quest in the style of penetration of an object (or escape). The lack of a clear story (and for what it is?) Is offset by the beautiful location, very zamudrennymi riddles, frightening atmosphere, convenient interface design and feel the aura of a horror movie. But evil beings try to make you do not survive the night.

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