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Stickman Base Jumper 2Stickman Base Jumper 2 - the new project and the continuation of Djinnworks GmbH, people create a simple but exciting game about passable stikmanov. In each of their projects, they sent the main character in the most extreme situations that are often very bad for his health. Here and here again the future of the character will be in our hands.
Bloody Finger JUMPBloody Finger JUMP - continuation of a series of arcades with nice graphics and black humor. Now, instead of move forward, we must try to jump as high as possible using the laws of physics and a trampoline. The main characters will still be someone's severed fingers, which are very sensitive to the painful areas of the fall.
Bean DreamsBean Dreams - 2D arcade game created by their developers specifically for those who miss the classic platformer, characteristic sounds simple but addictive gameplay, old school, but the eye pleasing graphics, and other nice features of the heart that have been inherent in the projects of the last game era.
Ninja TossNinja Toss - nice arcade game in the setting of a ninja with a recognizable mechanics as a desire to jump on as long distance. Nice graphics, funny characters, a variety of capabilities and other features to attract everyone to have fun and carefree spend their free time.
Doofus DropDoofus Drop - at the edge of a dull, stupid, crazy game, which at the same time, suspiciously exciting and fascinating. Once started, you can not stop wanting to know how far you will take (or rather, slide down) using the main character, as a sports projectile nucleus. A variety of improvements to help you in this.
Sheep in DreamSheep in Dream - a simulator of tapa LoadComplete, creators fairly good toys, such as the Lonely One, DEAD EYES and others. And this time the developers have tried to make your project, despite the hackneyed genre, original, interesting and funny. Also in the presence of beautiful graphics, gameplay appearance in cycles instead of infinity, and much more will delight fans.
Tower of DestinyTower of Destiny - an exciting arcade game of survival with graphic design in a retro style. The simplest task and endless gameplay will provide exciting entertainment for a long time any fan of old-school projects. A gradually increasing complexity sharpen reactions and skill will pump caution. Any hasty decision will lead to the loss of one heart.
Up Up One quiet morning call ordinary plumbing (another not lovers of mushrooms) launched a chain of places where something comical, but somewhere and tragic events. It will not be a sitcom, but a real tragedy (a cheerful soundtrack) in which the protagonist will have to survive, otherwise it is waiting for a terrible, but sweet death. Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay included.
LynxmanLynxman - the perfect assassin is strictly metered spare time. Simple controls, nice graphics, simple gameplay and some other positive aspects can help you to avoid boring and repetitive of a wait. But after the task Lynxman automatically erased from your memory about him, you would never think of.
Cliffy JumpCliffy Jump - unusual game in the genre of action made ​​with pixel graphics and management in a single tap. The main task of the players - just count the time of the jump. The first - the lungs of the mission will end quickly and you will be required maximum concentration and precision action. Otherwise you will have to start the level over again, and it is quite cumbersome.

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