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Lunar Battle
Lunar Battle - a new strategy on mobile devices by Atari and very talented developers. Players will colonize a distant planet from his native world and make it a good base in the research and development of this sector. Cute graphics and a huge opportunity to build and grow like all fans of the genre.
Galaxy Reavers-Space RTSGalaxy Reavers-Space RTS - one of those rare cases, the emergence of mobile coherent strategy in real time about space battles. Beautiful graphics, fast and intuitive operation, a variety of warships and long campaign for a long time will please fans of the genre has lost popularity in recent years.
Chicken Shot - Space WarriorChicken Shot - Space Warrior - a classic arcade game about the reflection of an alien invasion. The protagonist, the old fashioned way, would be one on one against the enemy armada, but strong in spirit, he will show them how to enter combat kosmolёtchiki such petitions are not guests. But he still does not know what he was destined to die in an unequal battle and become the hero of the entire planet.
Warhammer 40,000: Space WolfWarhammer 40,000 universe needs no introduction, even those who have never played a game not in this series. To the delight of fans of the brutal world of the Space Marines for some time now storming the mobile platform with varying degrees of success in this field. And Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf aims to show that this time the legions came to us for a long time.

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