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HandyBot HDHandyBot HD - cute puzzle game with good graphics, lots of levels, a pleasant soundtrack and classic gameplay mechanics familiar to all fans of this genre. We'll have to help the sweet robot to make his way through the intricacies of the interior of the space station in time to come to the aid of a person in distress.
Starship EscapeStarship Escape - interesting 2D shooter on the space theme, created in the spirit of old Hollywood fiction. But unlike Cinématographe the protagonist is not the cinematic character, he is a regular guy who has to survive in very difficult conditions. Only his savvy and help the faithful robot to help him cope.
Green the Planet 2Green the Planet 2 - fascinating arcade game with pixel graphics and fun gameplay with simple mechanics vaguely reminiscent of "simulator tapa". We'll have to help the team aliens create suitable conditions for life on various rocky planets. And do it will be very interesting.
Major Tom - Space AdventureMajor Tom - Space Adventure - beautiful and very addictive arcade game with hardcore gameplay. Help the astronaut to get home safe and sound, and even become richer. Nice graphic style, a variety of costumes and seductive soundtrack like all fans to spend their free time unpretentious entertainment.
UPRISEUPRISE - interesting and addictive puzzle gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Rubik's Cube. Beautiful graphics, just a little inconvenient administration, and gradually increasing complexity are sure to enjoy the passage of people prefer to play only in high-quality projects. Save my father and other kinsmen of prison space.
Space ScavenSpace Scaven - original and interesting puzzle in cosmic setting. Nice graphics, gradually increasing complexity, deadly traps, solving a variety of tasks, a large number of levels will appeal to all not indifferent to this subject and those who do not mind to stretch the brain in an exciting way.
One Final ChaosOne Final Chaos - shooter in which players to fully experience for yourself the universal luck. Help the main character to escape from yet unknown, but clearly, by definition, a very unpleasant death. Loneliness, danger, and microscopic chance that manage to survive in the midst of cataclysm create a unique aura fight hard.

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