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Baseball RiotBaseball Riot - Puzzle pro baseball, from which the game will be very small. Using a complex landscape to their advantage need to hit multiple targets for a certain number of beats. Nice graphics, classic gameplay mechanics like all the players. But what saddened because this is the need to purchase the full version.
Fun Run Racing And ShootingFun Run Racing And Shooting - simple platformer where gamers will not suffer more than the complexity of the gameplay, but from a slightly zabagovannuyu control. Periodically, the protagonist is out of control, and then you can forget once won a prize and the award for successfully passed stage. But the nice graphics, wood, character development and other features of delight.
Thunder Jack's Log RunnerThunder Jack's Log Runner - a fascinating and sometimes funny arcade. Its purpose - to test the consistency and patience gamers, as well as their accuracy, sense of coordination and the ability to quickly make a decision. In general, the game on the reaction. Survive as long as possible in a very unusual fun severe deaf residents hinterland and become a legend for them.
 Real Skate Real Skate - Skateboard simulator is more than skeytbodista. Management and swipe tapami allows intuitively perform various tricks and maneuvers, but the slightest accidental touch frustrate well-thought-out series and then have to start all over again. So, the game will require you to be patient and trained fingers.
 EA SPORTS ™ UFC EA SPORTS ™ UFC - fighting, or even sports simulator, as the choice of opponent here and fight the matter does not end there. There are over 70 real and recognizable athletes, excellent cinematic graphics, excellent animation fighters, comfortable camera, numerous strikes, receptions, full career and PvP battles.
 Baseball Vs Zombies Returns Baseball Vs Zombies Returns - not just another strategy about the suffering of zombies. This is a new version - a remake for modern mobile platforms is quite popular game. Nice graphics, addictive gameplay, the possibility of developing athletes who turned into killers dead and many more like fans forever-not-dead subjects.
 UFB 2 - Ultimate Fighting Bros UFB 2 - Ultimate Fighting Bros - a continuation of the simple but addictive gameplay in terms of unusual game about fighting started on the basis of MMA. At this time the developers have developed the idea and also various cosmetic changes, such as additional arenas and other (but for this you need to purchase the Pro version) added a full career.
 Find a Way Soccer 2 The most exciting and important moment in football - it's when they hit on the goal and the ball rushes to his goal, and the audience is already prepared to shout Goal !!! Find a Way Soccer 2 provides the opportunity to participate in these events and make things right, to your country could proud of their team.

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