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Stickman Base Jumper 2Stickman Base Jumper 2 - the new project and the continuation of Djinnworks GmbH, people create a simple but exciting game about passable stikmanov. In each of their projects, they sent the main character in the most extreme situations that are often very bad for his health. Here and here again the future of the character will be in our hands.
Stick Squad 4 - Sniper's EyeStick Squad 4 - Sniper's Eye - here is the fourth part of the popular action about two stikmanov from Brutal Studio, people do not need an introduction. The same corporate design, new spy story and a huge bunch of levels will please both fans of the series, and just fans of this style graphics. Why are only fully voiced dialogue.
Stick War: LegacyStick War: Legacy - the transfer to mobile platforms One of the most popular web games. In it gamers, as always will have, in a fantasy world inhabited by stikmanami, conquer an entire continent. Fighting to be opponents of various levels of historical development - from skilled warriors similar to the Spartans, and sorcerers to the savages with sticks and giants.
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 - the long awaited continuation of one of the best creative projects for mobile platforms. We are waiting for the same favorite gameplay, new exciting journey of the protagonist, the emergence of the unique capabilities and features, and complete freedom of action in the huge world, drawn by us.
Stick KillerStick Killer - a simple shooter with graphics stylized noir. Dark gray tones and the only thing that stands out - a flash of gunfire and blood. It will be many, because the protagonist - a bounty hunter and he has many enemies, so that the dead bodies riddled with them will be enough. Welcome to the dark world stikmanov.
Escaping the PrisonWarning! Escaping the Prison is not a tool or step instructions on how to voluntarily leave the territory of the prison. And as has under itself no any basis in reality, or documented evidence of the veracity of the events described in the game (well, except of course the story of a lawyer is very often).
Stickman BattlefieldsStickman Battlefields - it's almost a Hollywood action film category B, but only online. We personally pouchastvuem the life of the protagonist, Let's go his way in the last 6 months and find motivated originating in the prologue to the main game events. We are waiting for a grueling workout, fierce fighting, sabotage behind enemy lines, and a sea of ​​fire.
League of Stickman Before us is a free version of the game in the genre of shooter League of Stickman. Despite the simplicity of the images and the process, however the gameplay is addictive from the first seconds. Choose a character for yourself and go on an enemy. Short training and you will immediately find yourself in the thick of the battle. War without beginning or end, what could be better on mobile.
Draw a Stickman: SketchbookDraw a Stickman: Sketchbook - a unique project at 100% reveals creativity gamer. Only here you are creating a hero, his tools and weapons, and so what happened starting to perform assigned tasks. Minimalist art style simply copy editing lets not distracted by unnecessary details to immerse themselves in the creation of their own history.

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