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Tactile WarsTactile Wars - awesome real time strategy game for mobile platforms, which can be called a real exception to the rule. Easy operation, excellent graphics and animation, good gameplay despite violent clashes, a huge tree of a huge global map and policy makers will carry away for hours.
 Royal Revolt 2 In Royal Revolt 2 events unfold shortly after the end of the previous one. After going a long way to punish avaricious relatives, the Prince learns that apart from him noble pretenders to the throne a small car and truck. Coronation again have to be postponed until complete victory. And you need is a parody on the country, it is better to build it all over again.
 Empires of Sand Lived not bemoaned Egyptians Empires of Sand until their head fell off the dark god Seth from his innumerable army. And now they will quickly move on to the rails of military life. To repel the attacks of evil and destroy the enemy base, not forgetting to develop his hometown. Without competent infrastructure war will not last long and then reign eternal night.
 SimCity BuildIt Build the city of your dreams in SimCity BuildIt, new urban strategy, designed specifically for mobile devices. By the conviction of the developers here carried out the work of the major mistakes of their predecessors and seriously reduced the complexity and inherent in this hardcore series of games.
 Might & Mayhem Once this entire continent is strong and mighty kingdom. Now it is a very sad sight. Bandits, monsters and crazy and wild potentates - Here is a picture of the day. But there is still hope! There was a hero who surrounded himself with like-minded people, and went to fight the mob invaded the country.
 Rules of War - Rebirth Lead a small fort in the middle of the post-wasteland that remained after the collapse of the old civilization, an exciting new online strategy rules of war - Revival. Build, develop, mining, steal, to attack, defend yourself, explore, teams and all this under the dynamic music and beautiful graphics performance.
 Venture Towns v.1.0.5

Kairosoft is back in business! They released another strategy, which is actually a continuation of the Oh! Edo Towns. The game is called Venture Towns, and it retains all the traditions of Oh! Edo Towns.


Townsmen - from the seedy hole before blooming medieval metropolis - build a city of dreams! Townsmen game is back - now even bigger, better and nicer than ever before! Look for new ways to the popular series of games for the construction of the medieval city and the simulation of the economy!

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