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Pixel Super HeroesPixel Super Heroes - an interesting runner pixel horizontal scrolling superhero. Despite the fact that such projects are very much in the vast universe, this nevertheless appeal to many. The merit of this will have a healthy sense of humor, simple controls, a variety of gameplay possibilities and more. Go immediately to save the world!
Quantum CatsQuantum Cats - straight from the tin clone cult of evil birds, but cats in the title role. Nice graphics, the now classic gameplay, boxes full of cute kittens will please all who are tired of the bright and pompous birds. While the project has small number of missions, but let's hope for a speedy development of the game, both qualitatively and sizes.
LynxmanLynxman - the perfect assassin is strictly metered spare time. Simple controls, nice graphics, simple gameplay and some other positive aspects can help you to avoid boring and repetitive of a wait. But after the task Lynxman automatically erased from your memory about him, you would never think of.
 Super Cow Professor Duriarti after escaping from prison immediately went to the most peaceful and beautiful place in the district and, as usual, spoiled life there. No legal experience and harassment of local residents resulted in one call. That someone called, listened carefully, put the phone down, wore a mask and cape, and gaining altitude rapidly headed for Sun Valley.
 Joy Flight Joy Flight - an exciting game about animals unpretentious super-heroes and their struggle with the aliens. Beautiful graphics, funny story, lovable characters, and much more will delight all gamers. A simple gameplay mechanics allow easy and fun to spend time. Protect fruit and other goodies from the clutches of the intruders.
 Marvel: The Battle of Champions
Marvel: The Battle of Champions is a classic fighting game with the characters of the comic book of the same name studios, collected in an extremely popular, recently received - Auvergne cross-plot.
Guardian of the Universe decided to have a tournament in which the team will meet supervillain Kang and yours. The fate of the world will be in the hands of the winner.

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