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Rainbow 6 Siege TacticsRainbow 6 Siege Tactics - Strategy application for all fans of the popular tactical shooter Rainbow 6 Siege, but in particular it will be useful for beginners who have not yet understood the basic points of the game and are not of interest for serious teams. This strategy is to fill the gaps in knowledge and help prepare for the jobs.
 Clones Crusade Rejoice fans of turn-based strategy, rejoice fans of X-com before you Clones Crusade - a worthy representative of the genre for mobile platforms. Think over tactics, ambush or go ahead losing fighters. Beautiful graphics, original plot complication, different types of units are complete with fun gameplay.
 The Expendables The Expendables - this is the most fun strategy that you've seen. Create your own battle squad of desperate guys. Spend a grueling workout, train recruits most unusual abilities, participate in dangerous operations behind enemy lines, get Dr. Evil and punish him for all the tricks that he arranged for your organization.

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