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Gotta Eat Them All: ClickerGotta Eat Them All: Clicker - Clicker, the most that neither is a clicker. The project differs from its "brothers" only in that it has frankly crazy narkamansky-style graphics and original storyline. And so, everything is still, Tapa, get glasses, put them in the development and continuing Tapan continue until they get tired fingers.
PlanteraPlantera - fascinating and very nice "tapas simulator" in which we get a piece of land where he could break the fruit and berry garden, and all of the remaining segments to put under the bed. Nice graphics, nice and not boring soundtrack, as well as extensive opportunities for the development and expansion like all fans of the genre.
DrillaDrilla - "tapa simulator" with nice graphics and a big tree of all that is possible and impossible. Unlike other similar projects there is no need to constantly click through to the process is not stopped, and only need to regularly "shake" the energy in the batteries of your drill press.
Hacker (Clicker Game)Hacker (Clicker Game) - original in its story, but the standard for gameplay mechanics "simulator tapa". Repeatedly familiar with low poly graph kvadratnogolovymi characters and vast field for development will delight all fans of this genre, but an interesting idea only increases the interest in the game.
Cartoon999Cartoon999 - clicker after which gamers will be very strong and trained fingers and the people will be as prepared and purposeful, like the main character, has spent almost his entire life to honing mastery of a pencil. Unless of course, the game will not bother them in the first 5 minutes.
Hunter Age: Huntsman GamesHunter Age: Huntsman Games - a story about what happens when the incredible scientific inventions fall into the wrong hands. At this time, mankind was lucky (or not, who knows what the outcome of the story - the butterfly effect and very specific preferences of our tourists characters) and accidentally discovered a time machine got two classic rednecks.
Century CityCentury City sends gamers into the world with a cute voxel graphics, gameplay mechanics such as "Gradostroy" mixed with the classic "simulator tapa". Despite the extremely worn-out structure of the developers are trying to distance his creation of a blunt monotone naklikivaniya and money to the city treasury.
Tap SmithsTap Smiths - one more project from innumerable cohort clickers and it's no surprise - the presence of imitation of old-school arcade games from "platformers times." Infinite Tapani here is not the main thing here to make as much action in a short period of time. A variety of missions and tasks seriously diversify the process.
Tap Tap TrillionaireTap Tap Trillionaire - exciting simulator tapas offering to become incredibly wealthy man using a perpetual movement - "bought cheaply and sold more expensive." 8-bit graphics is ideal for such a pastime and did not distract from the process natapavaniya money. Interesting gameplay and a share of humor will appeal to all without exception.
Build Away! - Idle City BuilderBuild Away!- Idle City Builder - one more representative of the new generation simulators tapas combining genre of urban planning. Developers came up with a mind to the mechanics of the process and implemented a number of interesting ideas which significantly improve the fascination and molestation delayed due to repetitive actions in the game.

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