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Tentacle WarsTentacle Wars - addictive strategy in which we are going to fight for the life of the embryo alien. The immune system of the body that had contracted a virus that will quickly adapt to the new, very cunning and dangerous enemy, protect the owner from the threat of death. Grow tentacles and fight!
 Grabatron Grabatron - a hilarious arcade game about the adventures of extraterrestrial intelligent life on Mother Earth. The legendary and mythical base for people 51 and very unloved place for newcomers. One group of prisoners managed to escape from the aliens out there and even give a signal of distress to their homeland. They were sent flying saucer with rescue punitive-finding mission.
 Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin - an exciting arcade game about the unexpected journey of the unknown microorganism on the internal organs of a dolphin. Visit during this tour, intestines, liver, heart, brain and other locations. Addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a variety of difficult tasks, and much more will delight all fans of unusual games.

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