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Fallen LondonFallen London - fascinating browser game porting to mobile devices. While there are still flaws and shortcomings, but we hope that they will soon be completely eliminated. After the text before us an excellent RPG with an original idea and execution, where everyone who dares, waiting for an incredible opportunity and exciting adventures.
Blackwhite. A revenge questBlackwhite.A revenge quest - gloomy, nuarny comics with text elements RPG. We are together with the main character will dive to the bottom and try to find the killers of his wife. Night conceals unsightly secrets will reveal the truth to us, and the adoption of certain decisions will determine the future of the character, and then you run out of his way.
Mystic CastleMystic Castle - a new text adventure project from LOCOJOY team responsible for the chic and stylish zombie vyzhivalku BuriedTown. At this time, the game will be even more austere and gloomy, and the action of bleed over into the fantasy universe (or not, as a look at what is happening). Where the protagonist is about luck will smile.
GenesisGenesis - a project of independent developers with a very capacious and original name. Genre selected as unusual and not very popular among the younger generation of gamers. "Text RPG» - one of the first areas in the gaming industry, which has practically disappeared, but the emergence of mobile platforms has helped breathe new life into it.

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