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Tap Tap Evil MastermindTap Tap Evil Mastermind - a continuation of the clicker Tap Tap Trillionaire. The main character just reached and become incredibly rich. It is certainly fun, but only the first couple of days. He soon got bored, he dismissed his entire team, and the money distributed to governments around the world and they were immediately stolen. And he continued to live at the legendary home-office.
100 DAYS - Zombie Survival100 DAYS - Zombie Survival - "simulator tapa" in a zombiapokalipsisa. Unlike many nearly identical projects here with time variant of the walking dead that will break down defenses and heroes bite is very large. It is therefore necessary to continuously improve the skills of the characters, their skills base infrastructure and fortifications.
Villains Corp.Villains Corp. - a strategy which is in dividing the tapa is a simulator, but at least with some distinct and sometimes funny story. Nice graphics, funny monsters, a variety of missions and tasks will please all fans of the genre and those who one sunny morning dreams take over the world. Stop being lazy time to start implementation of an insidious plan.

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