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BattleplansBattleplans - a strategy with great graphics, truly excellent, and for which the cost to play this game. Though the gameplay mechanics and the like as two drops of water, on many projects of this genre for mobile devices, this long time you do not notice, surrendering to the power of epic battles against the army of necromancers.
BattleTimeBattleTime - a strategy reminiscent of "War of Mushrooms". It will also be multi-colored camp implacable opponents, various tower-point and the possibility of bleeding soldiers. In my opinion, BattleTime can be much more complex, and therefore more interesting for those who want to test and really sweet victories over the enemy.
Warhammer 40,000: FreebladeWarhammer 40,000: Freeblade - gorgeous shooter, its events occur in the entire known universe of the cult and tell an unknown chapter in the eternal confrontation between the Empire and the forces of Chaos. Beautiful graphics (which makes the project very demanding on the hardware), an original storyline, and exciting battles like all fans of the series.
Clash RoyaleClash Royale - the new strategy from the creators of the legendary mega popular Clash of Clans. It combines several styles of game that will appeal greatly to fans of such entertainment. Only here Donat from the first seconds is not very intricately telling us about their existence. Apparently the financial success it was decided to repeat again.
Epic QuestEpic Quest - Puzzle-style "three in a row" in which we take on the role of another warrior with the most noble, kind and altruistic thoughts and find ourselves in a very deep problems. Where he himself and started a as a character big and strong, but not very smart and clever. Honor disembarrass him out of this mess, of course, got us.
Dots HeroesDots Heroes - 8-bit strategy with a very complicated gameplay. One of the few in a similar style, which really need to think quickly what you need to send soldiers into battle at the moment. The enemy will gladly take advantage of your error and breaking through your defenses easily destroy your shrine. But good triumphs over evil, and you simply have no choice but to win.
Angel StoneAngel Stone - a cross-platform project in the genre of RPG with elements of dungeon-slasher. Beautiful graphics, an epic story relevant (actually slightly spiced with the usual pathos the story of good and evil), dozens of skills, multiple character classes and other amenities await all who dare to join the resistance.
 Mini Warriors Mini Warriors - strategy about the bloody war young soldiers and heroes. Beautiful graphics and interesting and exciting gameplay will please all commanders. You have to go to the military campaign and win the whole continent. Leave your mark in the history and legends of you will live for centuries.
 Adventure Xpress Adventure Xpress - game from the creators have already become legendary Amateur Surgeon 3. And this time we are waiting for a very interesting project. The genre of "three in a row" was mixed with an exciting role-playing component. Embark on an exciting journey across the continent, deliver mail, parcels, forwards diplomatic dispatches and look do not fall into the hands of robbers.
 Qube Kingdom
World molecule and even where the atoms in the form of cubes, natural objects, water and air, even of the same shape. And people keep up the traditions of the universe.
You are missing 600 years and returned discover its once flourishing kingdom in decline, and its own capital in the siege of the enemy troops. We need urgently to repel the invaders and at the same time release the neighbors.

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