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Drone Air Assault 2Drone 2 Air Assault - a continuation of the popular action in which gamers in the role of a gunner gun mounts are installed on a variety of aircraft fighting the enemy from a safe distance. Since then much water has flowed, and now the whole planet is immersed in a global confrontation between two warring camps.
Space Marshals 2Space Marshals 2 - continuation of the popular adventure project with beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, long storyline and extremely high demands on the mobile device hardware for comfortable work. And unlike the first part is free for download, which can not please all the fans of the series.
MOP: Operation CleanupMOP: Operation Cleanup - addictive arcade game with beautiful 2D graphics, good storyline and addictive gameplay. We have to single-handedly save the planet unknown (and perhaps not, and most likely, it is our family home with you transformed us into a terrible place) from the domination of garbage and disgusting, cruel creatures occupying it.
INTO MIRRORINTO MIRROR - cyberpunk chic with beautiful 2D graphics in the best traditions of the genre, there is only black and neon cool colors. Quite an interesting story, a large field for the development of the character and the purchase of various high-tech gadgets to combat enemies and much more will be a boon for fans.
Zombie Overkill 3DZombie Overkill 3D - third-person shooter and an isometric camera, which by the way, is pretty uncomfortable. It is necessary to approach the enemy is very close to see it firsthand, and taking into account the rule that you can not kill the invisible - does this fact really a problem. Welcome to sample zombiapokalipsis 2150.
 Nanomedix Nanomedix - strategy in the genre of "Protection of the towers," but instead of defending fortresses, towns or barns, we will save people from death. Future world in which only 3% of the population dies of old age, will require you to maximize the impact, strategic thinking, and thinking through the development of win-win strategies, because the battlefield will become fragile human bodies.

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