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 Build an Empire (Build an empire)

Build an Empire (Build an empire) - bring their country to world domination. Build your empire and lead it through a century and the era of true greatness! Which way you elect to become the first on the continent? Building armies or schools? War or peace with its neighbors diplomacy? Occupation of land or rapid scientific development?


Burger - collect and we prepare sandwiches from a variety of ingredients. In this game you play the role of a cook, which you will help prepare burgers from a variety of ingredients, the taste and quality of the product depends only on you, go ahead!


Townsmen - from the seedy hole before blooming medieval metropolis - build a city of dreams! Townsmen game is back - now even bigger, better and nicer than ever before! Look for new ways to the popular series of games for the construction of the medieval city and the simulation of the economy!

 Conquest! Medieval Realms

Conquest!Medieval Realms - is a fascinating turn-based strategy aimed at defeating an opponent by destroying his army and the seizure of his land. To do this you need to consolidate their territory, to create a strong economy and hire troops to defend their land against the enemy. The game was created in medieval style and has plenty of game modes.

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