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Shadow WarsShadow Wars - is a story about that during all the time of monsters and other creatures of darkness live among the ordinary and everyday. 5 secret and very ancient Order of waging war against each other for the absolute power of using children the night instead of his soldiers, as well as those who are called handlers - people have the talent to catch the monsters and command them.
Tower Dwellers GoldTower Dwellers Gold - a classic strategy in the style of «Tower Defence» which we will conquer new territory for our kingdom. We are waiting for the epic heroes, various towers, beautiful graphics, a little boring, and even music encyclopedia where we can get acquainted with how our soldiers, so with enemy soldiers.
 Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium v.1.0.3

Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium - sharpened his ax, polish armor and prepare your guns! It is time once again to fight for glory, honor, and gold! Guns'n'Glory is back!

 Fort Conquer v.1.0.3 Fort Conquer - many monsters are close to you. Create your squad, trained him and conquer the fort! Not a bad strategy action game in which you can pump your party! Waves of monsters evolved and rush to your territory. Create your loyal team and train them for battle! You have to protect your own tower and win the fort of the enemy!
 Kingdom Royale Kingdom Royale - this time we will have a fantastic mix of the two genres, namely, strategy and RPG. To confront the enemy, we need to build and safely enhance their own lock. Because of the game revolves around abundant mineral deposits and minerals, the lack of resources the player experience will be.
 Kill Devils

Kill Devils - The coming of the demons - demons ruthlessly trample the earth on which you were born and raised. Will you be the savior of the earth Auchan, whether you have enough forces to unite together the six races to confront the evil and create their own new era.

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