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Deemo - musical adventure is a little girl who lost her memory. Mysterious Deemo, living alone in a castle, trying to help rebuild it with music. From the collective Cytus, internationally recognized musical game.


VOY - Your task is to reach the exit point to the next level. VOY will jump when you touch the screen to the beat of the background music. Try to see if you can complete the level?

 drivingschool3d (3D Driving School)

drivingschool3d (3D Driving School) - an interesting simulation game for teaching practical skills of driving a car! This game will help you learn how to drive or improve existing driving skills. You will be able not only to try their hand, but also to analyze the result, to identify errors and take them into account next time.

 Cut & Slice

Cut Slice - a free puzzle game for the brain! One of the best games to play for the brain. This is an exercise for your brain skills, a lot of fun, challenging, original levels. To cut to just touch the screen to cut the cardboard shapes! The goal is to cut shapes on a completely equal parts.

 Clear fun

Clear jokes! CAUTION! The high concentration of positive. Selection of the best jokes from all over the Web! Jokes, pictures, jokes, and other well demotivators jokes! All for a good mood!


Burger - collect and we prepare sandwiches from a variety of ingredients. In this game you play the role of a cook, which you will help prepare burgers from a variety of ingredients, the taste and quality of the product depends only on you, go ahead!


Clouds Sheep - Cute, fluffy and demanding your affection. Care for a flock of adorable little sheep. Feed them, play with them, unite them in pairs for the procreation and become the best shepherd of all time!

 Stand O 'Food (Full) Master Burger v.1.4

Stand O 'Food (Full) Master Burger - the original dynamic restaurant business strategy, played by millions of people on PCs and other gaming platforms. Have time to serve your eager buyers before their patience will snap!

 STARDOM: THE A-LIST v.2.1.7 STARDOM: THE A-LIST - before you life simulator superstar. Create your character, pick up his style to your taste and make it a superstar!
 Clouds & Sheep v.1.7.0

Clouds Sheep - Cute, fluffy and demanding your affection. Take care of a herd of charming little sheep. Feed them, play with them, combine them in pairs to procreate and become the best shepherd of all time!

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