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 Caveboy Escape

Caveboy Escape - the original puzzle game in which combines several game genres. Home is your goal - to find a way out of the maze of confusing and complicated. Great gameplay, lots of interesting levels, good graphics, simple controls, excellent optimization and much more.

 Quest Match 3

Match 3 Quest - a game in which fans of the genre of "three in a row" to plunge into the world of RPG adventure. Create a unique hero, assemble a team of powerful minions and save the world from the ancient evil.

 Neon Rain

Neon Rain - in the game, with a special platform, you should skip or not to skip the neon rain. Fallen drop destroys all the drops of the same color in the immediate vicinity. To move to the next level you must destroy all the neon drops. Control is a touch screen.


CubeLex - a fun and colorful puzzle. Gather in the correct sequence precious cubes. We must think quickly, as you will be on top of dynamically pour the same multi-colored building material.

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