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The Little Match Girl: HappyThe Little Match Girl: Happy - simulator tapa creators who took over the story basis of a classic tale of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl". The game, as the primary source, there is a New Year's Eve, in that wonderful magical moment of the holiday, which was overshadowed by the fear of a cruel father returned home.
Monsters Village TransylvaniaMonsters Village Transylvania - a simulator of the other world, or rather a village situated on the border near the place where it is particularly delicate. Sorcerers, witches and other seekers of unusual can come here and make contact with spirits, monsters to get any benefit or knowledge. Instead of gold and soul.
World of DopeWorld of Dope - non-standard arcade with a minimalist graphic design is a map of the world and a very unusual plot and semantic content. In the game we will play the role of novice traders and a variety of weapons, "pharmacological agents", both vegetable and synthetic production. And of course, all the goods completely is illegal.
Many fine deals! All-epic fantasy role-projects this point always falls and is considered casual - namely trade. We always sbagrivaem loot in small lavchёnkah for a minimal cost, and immediately surprised to find a former estate on the counter with a space the size of the price tag, and the seller is a pretty smile.

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