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Fat to Fit - Lose Weight!Fat to Fit - Lose Weight -! Cute and pretty cheesy time manager in which we will be administrators and owners of the fitness club. By tradition, will start small and end the most popular and visited establishments in the city. Classic gameplay mechanic allows to easily fold excess free time.
iSlash HeroesiSlash Heroes - arcade game with a very nice visual style and a familiar gameplay mechanics which we will need to truncate the shape to the desired size without affecting moving objects on it. Since the game is sustained in Asian colors, in our case, will fast moving shuriken. And the blows are applied to a razor-sharp sword.
 The Expendables The Expendables - this is the most fun strategy that you've seen. Create your own battle squad of desperate guys. Spend a grueling workout, train recruits most unusual abilities, participate in dangerous operations behind enemy lines, get Dr. Evil and punish him for all the tricks that he arranged for your organization.
 Crazy lunch Crazy lunch - unpretentious arcade game designed for the entire family. It introduces you to the lovely and incredibly hungry creatures - Freaks. They set out to steal and eat your breakfast and you do not share. That will not do! Catch them and selected food with them or train your memory. Beautiful graphics, hilarious characters and simple gameplay like gamers young and old.
 The English Minnits - School
The English Minnits - is an adventure game for children who are learning English. This is a unique and exciting application is an ideal alternative to textbooks and boring cramming. 6,000 conversational phrases, as in the form of text, and as voiced dialogues with the possibility of repeat function, help you with maximum efficiency to develop the knowledge base of your child.
 Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes - an interactive educational game released Thanksgiving Day (a public holiday in the United States and Canada).
Despite the strangeness and lack of understanding of the activities of other nations, this app will be a very good methodological tool for the study of the history of North America (of course except Mexico and others).

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