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LightLight! - Casual chic design taking the mechanics of standard hardcore arcade games, but makes it so easy and fun, just get pleasure from the gameplay spiced wonderful soundtrack. Creation and beautiful graphics makes the Light! required for the inspection and passage.
Tiny RailsTiny Rails - a cool arcade game with simple but nice graphics and how easy, so fun gameplay. Gamers will get possession of his own train and no, they will not build a railroad empire, and just go on it to travel around the world, carrying passengers and cargo, as well as enjoy the scenery.
Garfield vs Hot DogGarfield vs Hot Dog - an entertaining adventure game in which the protagonist - known to many a dice red cat named Garfield. Together with his friend, he decided to go on a trip around the world to introduce the inhabitants of five cities with his culinary talents, but here's the problem - he had a serious contender.
Where Shadows Slumber DemoWhere Shadows Slumber Demo - as the name suggests to us is that the only test, trial version is very interesting, original and unusual puzzle. On the mechanics of gameplay where the main tool will be the light and gives birth to them from different shadows objects. Only fully immersed in this game it will be possible to understand its meaning.
The TrailThe Trail - gorgeous adventure game from Kongregate - the creators of the many interesting and original projects. But this time the developers outdid themselves and provided in our court really great game. Beautiful graphics, which affects the demands to the "hardware" and addictive gameplay await all adventurers.
Zombie Derby 2 The zombie apocalypse. Zombiapokalipsis - is when, once and for all. This evening when you go to bed in the normal world, and in the morning the people of the last forces are fighting with relatives who became carnivorous monsters. But for some it is just a celebration of some kind, because you can have fun to the fullest, and you for it will be nothing.
Nono IslandsNono Islands make us fearless adventurers, travelers, archaeologists, historians, adventurers generally correct followers of Indiana Jones. A high-quality graphics and a variety of what is happening on the screen to add only positive impressions from a simple but addictive gameplay.
ZomboBusZomboBus - a strategy that can be attributed to the Tower Defense. 2D graphics, familiar to the pain zombiapokalipsisa setting, a long and tedious pumping abilities and more for the fans of the genre love or hate the game of this kind, is present in the project. Assemble a team of desperate men and go on a tour of the destroyed world.
VooyagerVooyager game will tell us about a time when space exploration and everything associated with it will not be so dangerous, costly and time consuming task. Humanity has stepped far in its development, and the solar system is inhabited by long time, anyone can become a passenger ship makes regular routes between the colonies.
The Deer GodThe Deer God - gorgeous pixel art platformer. Despite the typical "poor quality" graphics, we have on the screen comes to life the world of excellent, detailed and populated by various creatures. A unusual story will delight all fans of the soul created by gaming. The task is simple and complex at the same time - to survive in the skin of a deer.

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