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Jack's New AdventuresJack's New Adventures - adventure puzzle with typical old school projects 2D graphics style. We are waiting for dozens and dozens of levels, mazes with gradually increasing level of complexity and the degree of entanglement of corridors. As well as a good proportion of old hardcore gameplay and the most interesting way to stretch the brain.
Traps and TreasuresTraps and Treasures - addictive puzzle about the two adventurers, plunderers of tombs, archaeologists, adventurers and simply all in one bottle. Beautiful graphics, the presence of the rudiments of the plot, dozens of levels with gradually increasing complexity will delight all fans of unusual performance simulators for the mind.
Golden DepthGolden Depth - straight from the tin tapa simulator with nice graphics and a bit different from all the other sozhanrovikov gameplay mechanics. Get down to the incredible depth, looking for treasure, better equipment and protect their prey from arrogant thief. The game leaves a positive experience, which were immediately forgotten.
The Quest KeeperThe Quest Keeper - cool adventure project about small angular men. Nice graphics, original gameplay system and gradually increasing complexity of the passage will please fans of dangerous travel through dungeons in search of profit. A long list of all kinds of traps only adds to the severity of an event.
Super Dangerous DungeonsSuper Dangerous Dungeons - continuation of the popular platformer about a brave treasure hunter named Timmy. After the events of the first part was not long, but much prettier graphics, and managed to trip the main character began to play with new colors. And the adventure began more interesting and more dangerous, and the jackpot has increased many times over.
Julkalendern 2014Julkalendern 2014 - the original children's adventure created by the project commissioned by the Swedish television. Fascinating story story about the search for the legendary treasure, nice graphics, great gameplay duration, simple, intuitive control and other positive features of long captivate young gamers.
Treasure PopTreasure Pop - a classic game in the genre Bubble Shooter has excellent graphics, user-friendly controls and a standard weight levels. It does not only have to connect the objects by color, but it is desirable to think through their actions in advance, because the number of moves is limited, and the main character works just no end.
The Last VikingsThe Last Vikings - excellent role project with pixel graphics. The game can even be called a simulator Viking. The original concept, varied gameplay, a whole world to "travel" and "tourism", thought the universe with small elements of fantasy and the real spirit of the legendary warriors impress any fan of high-quality applications.
SkeletombSkeletomb - elegant and exciting adventure in the pixel universe. The mechanics of the gameplay reminds Crossy Road, but has a much, much greater opportunities, potential and a variety of aspects that are just designed not to get bored gamers. Go to the most dangerous journey through the lands of obtaining such icky name.
To The LandTo The Land - The draft statement in the genre of action, but there is a clear view and pure arcade survival. The game does not take away the beautiful graphics, nice sound and interesting gameplay. And the characters for all its simplicity looks very pretty and cute. Help them reach the shore alive and healthy, but also a rich, because they were transporting gold.

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