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Monster MountainMonster Mountain - role-playing project, it would seem, with the usual and reuse of gameplay mechanics, yet the game was very exciting, eventful and exciting. Simple but stylish 2D graphics gives an excellent three-dimensional image. Quickly go through the usual training and rush into the maelstrom of adventure with his head.
Frantic frigatesFrantic frigates - addictive arcade survival in about a pirate theme. Classic gameplay "One against all", a simple graphics and exhausting, gradually increasing complexity will appeal to all "old men" caught like game. Raise the "Jolly Roger", go in an unequal battle and make enemies regret that they were born into the world.
Jungle Adventures Many years ago, Mario exit spawned a new genre, which is the original and several official sequels in general and over. Dozens, hundreds and perhaps thousands of clones emerged after did not bring anything new or radically changes the picture of the gameplay. And in the end they all began to divide into good and bad copies of Jungle Adventures -. Confidence can be attributed to the second group.
The Greedy CaveThe Greedy Cave - excellent RPG graphic design reminiscent of depressive vyzhivalku Do not Starve, and gameplay mechanics old school turn-based role-playing races through the catacombs full monsters. Generates location, exciting process, a number of original features and a classic story about heroes and enjoy the cave as "old men", or just fans of old school.
Goal HeroesGoal Heroes - another PvP-tion RPG, but with a very unusual boevka. Epic story, beautiful graphics and a variety of missions and enemies will appeal to all who wish to dive into the world of exciting battles, revenge, treasure, magic, amazing creatures other attributes inherent in any more or less of the original fantasy universe.
 Deep Loot Deep Loot - is an adventure game from the developers who are on level ground can create exciting project. Graphics a la pixel art, match her music and the most exciting underwater walks await you. Check the air supply to the cylinders, ensure strength and suit with a laser rifle at the ready sinks to the bottom in search of prey.
 Adelantado Trilogy. Book 3 Adelantado Trilogy.Book 3 - the final part of the adventures of the brave Don Diego. Events are moving immediately after the previous. A group of researchers get to the ancient stone and the same night, unknown kidnapped companion of the protagonist. Immediately gave chase means guaranteed to die on the dangerous territory, so you need to thoroughly prepare.
 King of Thieves
King of Thieves - stealth-action - now a rare guest in the gaming industry. With beautiful graphics, it is a pity that you can not change the position of the camera; sayndtrekom melodic, easy to turn off, so as not to interfere; numerous locations (old miser tradition is only available training + 2 level, the rest all right to buy or ... hmm, still the thief will talk about :)).

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