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Deity: ElementalsDeity: Elementals - addictive strategy with a minimalist graphic design, which easily dispel boredom and discouragement. Cute picture and almost infinite variation of what is happening on the battlefield for a long time entice all fans of exciting battles. Challenge opponents and show them your skills.
World Conqueror 3World Conqueror 3 - excellent turn-based strategy for the events that occur around the world. Beautiful graphics, a large number of real wars, the opportunity to participate in the global zavarushku and conquer the entire planet, configuration complexity and the lack of excessive cleverness make this game one of the best mobile devices.
HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALSHEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS - a wonderful and exciting project from the famous SQUARE ENIX. Welcome to the universe of steampunk, magic and parallel universes. The world, once this giant resting on the platforms of attached huge anchor chains. The place where the sky replaces the sea, and it will go aeronautic ships, and you - the young graduate school captains.
SQUIDSSQUIDS - very beautiful and exciting turn-based strategy is about the adventures of intrepid octopus in the sea kingdom and fight with crabs and shrimp for the possession of pearls. An unusual approach to the genre, which mixes with the classic RPG, a variety of tactics and actions, serious opponents and much more will delight fans of good games.
 Tactics Maiden Tactics Maiden simply obligatory and recommended for all fans of old school acquaintance kinds of games and just good dimensional turn-based RPG. The plot does not play a big role next fantasy-medieval disassembly - kings, sorcerers, intrigues, ambushes and treachery, everything does not violate the canons of the genre. The main thing here - a tactical battle.
 Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics - turn-based RPG with excellent 3D graphics, with a long and exciting company in 200 battles and the opportunity to participate in PvP battles. Meet companions 16 classes and 3 races, to develop their abilities, they buy the best weapons and armor. Build a strategy based on the match of skills and talents of their team. Defeat the evil!
 Might & Mayhem Once this entire continent is strong and mighty kingdom. Now it is a very sad sight. Bandits, monsters and crazy and wild potentates - Here is a picture of the day. But there is still hope! There was a hero who surrounded himself with like-minded people, and went to fight the mob invaded the country.

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