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SubterfugeSubterfuge - really original, interesting and exciting project. The only negative - is the lack of Russian language in some features and tricks of gameplay will be difficult to sort out those who do not speak a foreign language. But this is more than compensated serious gaming idea and singularity of the universe in which events occur.
Zen Koi - Breed & Collect FishZen Koi - Breed Collect Fish - the original meditative game in which the gamer will need to be reincarnated in a very beautiful fish and do a variety of things very uncharacteristic for their species. Beautiful graphics, melodic soundtrack and very calm gameplay will delight all fans of unusual and leisurely projects.
SQUIDSSQUIDS - very beautiful and exciting turn-based strategy is about the adventures of intrepid octopus in the sea kingdom and fight with crabs and shrimp for the possession of pearls. An unusual approach to the genre, which mixes with the classic RPG, a variety of tactics and actions, serious opponents and much more will delight fans of good games.
 Deep Loot Deep Loot - is an adventure game from the developers who are on level ground can create exciting project. Graphics a la pixel art, match her music and the most exciting underwater walks await you. Check the air supply to the cylinders, ensure strength and suit with a laser rifle at the ready sinks to the bottom in search of prey.
 Underwater world: Adventure 3D From the creators of several simulators winter fishing and adventure one fish, meet Underwater world: Adventure 3D. At this time, almost fish simulator, which is positioned as a game for the whole family. In it we are managing different types of characters to collect eggs scattered on the seabed.

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