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MaskyMasky - elegant in its originality and stunning in graphic style arcade game, which is sure to be remembered by all, without exception, even if you do not have to like their gameplay mechanics. Wear masks, dance, have fun, meet and try to stay on his feet in this shaky stage.
Doofus DropDoofus Drop - at the edge of a dull, stupid, crazy game, which at the same time, suspiciously exciting and fascinating. Once started, you can not stop wanting to know how far you will take (or rather, slide down) using the main character, as a sports projectile nucleus. A variety of improvements to help you in this.
Blown Away: First TryBlown Away: First Try - beautiful and exciting game about the adventures of a bold character in shoes function teleport. Similarly, to calculate the distance to jump, because only by walking their battery recharged. Beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay will please all fans of unusual projects.
The Path To Luma
The Path To Luma belongs to the cohort of games that must be passed by each gamer. Because apart from the fun of the gameplay they will receive more extensive positive emotions and impressions after the final. An unusual approach to mechanics, seemingly simple but tricky puzzles and original graphics make this project different from others.

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