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SpellspireSpellspire - addictive word game in which everyone will be able to check your knowledge of words in the English language or in a matter of urgency to begin to teach them at the time as bloodthirsty inhabitants of the tower will attack the hero. Only the speed and the ability to compose longer words will help the character to execute his plan.
Doodle Devil Blitz Exciting game-quiz Doodle Devil Blitz from JoyBits was released after and by analogy with Doodle God Blitz. It's the same old and "angry" about the draft red dirty dog ​​in the whole known universe, but with one very nice prefixed to the name. Fans are waiting for new features, quests, tasks, and other items completely invisible things. But the devil is in the details.
ZombidleZombidle - tapa stunning simulation in which we try yourself in the role of inveterate villain. And conquer the whole fantasy world using dark magic, necromancy, zombies, and other helpful techniques that are used all the canonical anti-heroes in any of the universes. An unusual gameplay and gorgeous soundtrack will appeal to all without exception.

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