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City Bus Simulator CraftCity Bus Simulator Craft - nice bus simulator with many familiar graphic style. Easy operation makes it easy to maneuver in dense urban areas and thus have time to include turn signals, signals to other drivers, and more. By the way, the bots is very smart and will try to avoid a collision in an emergency.
Cross And CrushCross And Crush - addictive arcade game with fully destructible world consisting of voxels. In general, it is only destruction and we will hold throughout the game. It is necessary to destroy everything that you see, and still manage to avoid meeting with a lot of enemies. But the care and promptness to help as much as possible to successfully carry out the race.
Dungeon ExplorerDungeon Explorer - addictive arcade game with a voxel generated graphics and levels in which we have long zavedёnnoy on tradition need to travel and explore different mazes in search of something valuable and meaningful. To oppose us this will be a variety of traps and very dangerous opponents offsuit.
Steppy PantsSteppy Pants can be called a simulator and walk at the same time extremely hardcore and not predictable. No one ever thought that the usual walk along the streets of the city can be so difficult, dangerous and fraught with trauma event. Yes, moving in space using the lower limbs - it's really exciting and fascinating adventure.
Century CityCentury City sends gamers into the world with a cute voxel graphics, gameplay mechanics such as "Gradostroy" mixed with the classic "simulator tapa". Despite the extremely worn-out structure of the developers are trying to distance his creation of a blunt monotone naklikivaniya and money to the city treasury.
Tracky TrainTracky Train - a cute, sweet and very addictive arcade game with a simple gameplay. Nevertheless, it certainly appeal to all fans of interesting and unusual projects. Remote, it resembles the classic "snake" and a bunch of other popular products voxel graphics. But this does not diminish the positive experience from the process.
VOXPLODE 2VOXPLODE 2 - can be called a real almanac starts end of the world and confront the brave individuals seeking to stop the advance of this phenomenon on the planet. Voxel graphics allows you to create and to show us a variety of worlds without any major costs, and addictive gameplay just further please fans.

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