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War TortoiseWar Tortoise - a fascinating shooter about a confrontation between the people of the murine anti-malicious frogs. The game is essentially a common shooting range, but the original story idea, nice graphics and great gameplay possibilities will please all fans to shoot at enemies coming orders. And given that manage to be the turtle, it makes the project more interesting.
Snail BattlesSnail Battles - a time-killer really able to captivate gamers for a long time. Events unfold in a very technologically advanced medieval or post-apocalyptic world where mutations ultramodern weapons and monsters coexist with general backwardness in other aspects of civilization. Assemble the crew combat snails and go to battle with the enemy.
 Monster Dash Monster Dash - this is the final part of a trilogy about the most otvyaznye and fearless hero named Barry Steakfries, can be translated as, Bari Steak-with-potatoes. Of course, the character of that name must be, by definition of crazy so that all the monsters of the world are afraid of meeting him. After finishing with the evil scientists and hordes of zombies, he switched to the extermination of vermin.

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